John Snowden, HR & Safety Director

John has over 25 years of practical mining and slope construction experience, including the construction of 9 different
coal mining operations.  His areas of expertise include:

  • Mine Safety
  • Miner Training
  • Mining Law
  • Slope Construction Supervision
  • Production Supervision
  • Slope Examinations
  • Mine Examinations
  • Roof Support
  • General Surveying Applications
  • Human Resources
  • Federal Mine Plans

It is because of John’s wide area of expertise and specialties in the mining and safety arenas that Pittman Mine Service, LLC values him as a fundamental asset and key player.

John attended Purdue University in Lafayette, IN for Engineering and Construction and has taken Business Administration classes at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, IN.  Some of his experience has been gained from working for coal companies such as Laswell Coal, Buck Creek Coal, Black Beauty Coal Company, Peabody Coal Company, and Sunrise Coal.  John has worked as Human Resource and Safety Director since 2005, and he became a part of the Pittman Mine Service, LLC team in 2008.

John has played a big role in our no lost-time safety record.